Quality dental treatment in Franklin, OH on your schedule with flexible payment plans and insurance accepted

At Kori and Everhart Advanced Dentistry, we believe that nothing should stand between you and the quality dental treatment that you need and deserve. We have two offices, located in Franklin and Centerville, both of which accept most insurance plans and third-party financing options. We also offer flexible payment options, and an in-house dental plan, so we are sure to have a great option to fit your budget. With extended office hours, as late as 7:00 pm on some days, we ensure that smile care fits your busy schedule as well. Making the most of dental insurance Every insurance plan … Continue reading

The importance of preventive treatment for periodontal disease in Franklin, OH

The number one cause of tooth loss in adults is nearly always preventable. Known as periodontal disease, this condition is an infection of the gum tissue. At Kori and Everhart Advanced Dentistry offices in Franklin and Centerville, OH, we focus on preventive care, helping our patients avoid the perils of oral disease. The progression of periodontal disease To understand periodontal disease prevention, it is important to know how it develops. It begins with plaque accumulation along the gum line. Plaque that isn’t removed promptly hardens, becoming tartar (calculus), which is nearly impossible to remove with a toothbrush and floss. Gum … Continue reading

Franklin faces look as young as their smiles with Botox

Botox Injection Franklin OH

Lines, wrinkles, and folds on the top third of your face make you look tired, angry, and older than you feel – even when you are smiling! Botox injections from the dentist they know and trust gives patients in the Franklin and Centerville area a refreshed, youthful appearance. Botox basics Botox is a purified protein. When the neuromodulator is precisely injected into key sites on the face, it interrupts signals from nerves that tell muscles to react. This prevents the muscle contractions that pull skin into wrinkles. In Dr. Mamta Kori’s skilled, experienced hands, wrinkles smooth out beautifully. Results look … Continue reading

Recommended care for Franklin, OH area residents from family dental practice

OH area residents from family dental practice

A Franklin, OH area family can find the convenience of a full range of services for all ages at Kori & Everhart Advanced Dentistry dental practice, with offices in Franklin, Centerville, OH. Recommended care for kids and teens  We help our youngest patients develop strong, healthy smiles with: Dental sealants – Sealant is a clear coating applied to the chewing surfaces of molars. The liquid flows into microscopic pits and crevices, keeping cavity-causing bacteria out. Fluoride treatments – As teeth absorb this topically-applied mineral, it strengthens enamel and helps to repair early stage tooth decay. Fillings – We detect cavities … Continue reading


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